Brummel was born in 1975, inspired by the life of George Brummell, an 18th-century aristocrat and English lord whose elegance has come down to us unchanged.

George Brummell set a trend with his elegance, sophistication, and seductive personality. Celebrated as the originator of dandyism, he was given the nickname ‘Beau’ which alluded to his elegance, sobriety, and good taste. A seductive nature that combines perfectly with the classic and distinguished image of the English spirit.

Nowadays, men take great care of their appearance so as to give the best possible impression of themselves, improve their relationships with others, and increase their power of seduction. In this way, perfumes, just like suits, become a sign, a message, and a representation of their nature and way of thinking and living.

Therefore, fragrances are regarded nowadays as an essential accessory, even to the point that personal grooming cannot be conceived without complementing clothing with an appropriate perfume.